The doors have opened

After months and months of dreaming, planning and refining, LSA opened its doors to over 300 students on Monday 2nd September. Students were asked to arrive at 9.00am on Monday and they were all lined up on Highbury Grove, ready to be registered and sent to their tutor groups. 

The first two weeks of life at LSA is spent Unlearning alongside Orientation, for example, our mission and vision for each student, what our values are and why we value them. They will also be encouraged to familiarise themselves with the building and staff by using their time to move freely around the building and introduce themselves to staff members. 

Their timetabled class time will involve getting an introduction to our eight pods of learning which are:

  • Script development, writing and direction

  • Production, which includes budgeting, locations, scheduling, health and safety and legal

  • Art Department, which includes drafting, model-making and props

  • Costume, Hair and Make-Up

  • Camera, lighting and sound

  • VFX

  • Post-production and editing

  • Publicity, marketing and distribution

David & George