LSA x Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…. Première

Founder of Heyday Films and LSA Co-Founder David Heyman recently invited LSA to the red carpet for the UK Premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film which Heyman has produced. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… has brought together an incredibly talented and skilled workforce to recreate the magic of Hollywood in the 1960s. 

LSA Student, Raghav Alhuwalia was the lucky student randomly selected to attend the premiere of the film and interview the cast and crew for LSA. Raghav was full of energy and charisma - despite the rain - and we were extremely lucky to interview David Heyman, Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio, Heyman’s co-Producer Sharon MacIntosh, Damian Lewis and many more. Videos will follow on LSA’s social media pages - keep your eyes peeled! 

David & George